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Henry's Hard Soda

Henrys Hard Soda is a MillerCoors line of hard sodas, made with cane sugar, that are 4.2 percent alcohol by volume. The brand was created with fun in mind, and inspired by Henry Weinhard, a "quirky, fun-loving" German-American brewer who opened a brewery in Portland in 1862. Due to the companys marketing muscle, Henrys Hard Soda was considered a serious competitor to the category leader, Not Your Fathers Root Beer. The marketing campaign included advertising on primetime networks and high-profile cable partners such as ABC, FOX, TBS, Food Network, and Bravo, along with a custom digital presence in top pop culture sites, traditional print media support, dual-language public relations programming and influencer initiatives. The company noted the breakout success of its flavored malt beverage FMB Redds Apple Ale in 2014. Bryan Ferschinger, MillerCoors senior director of innovation said, "FMB is something that has established itself and continues to grow, and we really believe that hard soda is the next segment to evolve." Henrys was able to obtain the No. 1 slot in the flavored malt-beverage segment with 24 percent of the market, prompting the company to expand its offerings with a new cherry cola flavor, backed by a multipronged ad campaign, with Ferschinger noting, "Were keeping the foot on the gas."


Redd's Apple Ale

Redds Apple Ale is a MillerCoors brand of flavored malt beverages. The original Redds Apple Ale was 5% alcohol. In 2014, the company introduced Redds Wicked Apple, which is 8% alcohol, "to provide a refreshing alternative to drinkers during occasions that typically have been exclusive to spirits," according to David Kroll, MillerCoors vice president of insights and innovation. Other flavors the company has announced were Green Apple and Wicked Mango; Cranberry Ale, Blueberry Ale and Ginger Apple Ale; Blueberry Ale; and Raspberry Ale and Peach Ale. As an ale, Redds get its alcohol from fermented and malted grain, in contrast to a hard cider, which gets its alcohol from fermented apple juice. As of 2014, Redd was in third place with a 12.4 percent market share in the "malternative" category.

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