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Outline of community

The following outline is provided as an overview of topics relating to community. A community is a group of people whose identity as a group lies in their interaction and sharing. Many factors may affect the identity of the participants and their degree of adhesion, such as intent, belief, resources, preferences, needs and risks.


AIDS service organization

AIDS service organizations are community-based organizations that provide support for people affected by HIV/AIDS. This article focuses on HIV/AIDS service organizations in the United States only. There is a huge variety of these organizations in order to provide for the wide variety of needs of HIV/AIDS patients and their families. The majority of these organizations are healthcare-based, providing assistance with testing, treatment, preventative medicines like Pre-exposure prophylaxis PrEP, needle and syringe exchanges and more. Another prominent type of AIDS service organization is education-based, working to raise awareness and public understanding of topics like the transmission of HIV, safe sex, treatment resources, as well as eliminating rampant misconceptions about HIV/AIDS. Other organizations provide services like legal advice and/or advocacy, mental health and counseling services, and fundraising and community outreach. These organizations are vital in providing for patients needs, as well as reducing the economic impact of HIV/AIDS, strengthening global health, and countering the social and political imbalances which disproportionately impact HIV/AIDS patients.


Community economic analysis

Community economic analysis is examining how a community is put together economically and how the community responds to external and internal stimuli. Community economic analysis is a comprehensive rationale where people in a community challenge common methodologies within the system in an effort to increase net efficiency. During this process factors affecting the community are analyzed to address economic needs and to pinpoint unfulfilled opportunities. Upon completion of the analysis the group decides what can and should be done to improve the economic conditions within the community, and then move to put the agreed-on economic goals and objectives into action.


Community practice

Community practice also known as macro practice or community work is a branch of social work in the United States of America that focuses on larger social systems and social change, and is tied to the historical roots of United States social work. The field of community practice social work encompasses community organizing/community organization, community building, social planning, human service management, community development, policy analysis, policy advocacy, evaluation, mediation, electronic advocacy and other larger systems interventions. In the UK the term is often used for community work or Health visitors. Although community practice has overlap with many other applied social science disciplines, such as urban planning, economic development, public affairs, rural sociology and nonprofit management, its roots go back as far as the 1890s. Community Practice social workers typically have a Masters in Social Work MSW. There are several MSW programs in the United States that offer Community Practice Concentrations, while many other MSW programs offer specializations in one or several types of community practice, such as social services administration or policy analysis. The professional group of community practitioners in the USA is the Association for Community Organization and Social Administration ACOSA, which publishes the leading journal in the field, The Journal of Community Practice.


Community search

Discovering communities in a network, known as community detection/discovery, is a fundamental problem in network science, which attracted much attention in the past several decades. In recent years, with the tremendous studies on big data, another related but different problem, called community search, which aims to find the most likely community that contains the query node, has attracted great attention from both academic and industry areas. It is a query-dependent variant of the community detection problem. A detailed survey of community search can be found at ref., which reviews all the recent studies


Community spirit

Community spirit finds expression in individual or group activities in which members of a community choose to engage for the benefit of that community. These activities may be locally organised, or informal and spontaneous.

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