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Food swap

Food swaps are events where members of a local community meet up to share homemade, homegrown, and foraged foods with each other. Apart from diversifying their larders and redistributing surpluses and gluts, they provide opportunities for building stronger communities, and picking up tips. No money changes hands. Attendees bring items that they wish to swap and then bid for each others produce, either verbally or on cards in the form of a silent auction, until suitable swaps are negotiated. Often attendees bring extra items either as free samples or as contributions to a potluck lunch or tea, so that there is more time to get to know each other, exchange gossip and pass on tips.


Seoul International Cafe Show

Seoul International Cafe Show is an annual coffee, tea, bakery and dessert event held at the COEX Convention & Exhibition Center in November in Gangnam District, Seoul, South Korea. In 2013, MOU signed between International Coffee Organization and Seoul International Cafe Show.



The slametan is the communal feast from Java, symbolizing the social unity of those participating in it. Clifford Geertz considered it the core ritual in Javanese religion, in particular the abangan variant. The feast is common among the closely related Javanese, Sundanese and Madurese people. A slametan can be given to celebrate almost any occurrence, including birth, marriage, death, moving to a new house, and so forth. Depending on the intention, the mood and emphasis may vary somewhat, but the main structure is the same. Geertz categorizes them into four main types: Those associated with events of the Islamic calendar Those relating to the crises of life: birth, circumcision, marriage, and death The bersih desa "cleaning of the village", concerned with the social integration of the village Those held irregularly depending on unusual occurrences: departing for a long trip, moving residence, changing personal names, illness, sorcery, and so on The ceremony takes its name from the Javanese word slamet, from Arabic: salam, which refers to a peaceful state of equanimity, in which nothing will happen. This is what the host intends for both himself and his guests, by experiencing the egalitarian structure of the slametan and the petitions of supernatural protection from spirits. In Geertzs fieldwork in Mojokuto in the 1950s, he found that costs of slametans varied from 3 to 5.000 Indonesian rupiahs, depending on the type and the relative wealth of the host.


Tales of the Cocktail

Tales of the Cocktail is an annual trade conference, festival, and gathering of cocktail and spirits industry professionals in New Orleans, Louisiana. The conference was founded in 2003 by cocktail enthusiast Ann Tuennerman, and as of 2016 hosts between 15.000 and 17.000 ticketed attendants.

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