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Association of State Green Parties

The Association of State Green Parties was an organization of state Green Parties in the United States between 1996 and 2001. In 2001, it evolved into the Green Party of the United States.


Cooperation and Development Network Eastern Europe

The Cooperation and Development Network Eastern Europe is a capacity-building network of political green youth organisations from Central, Eastern and South Eastern Europe. CDN’s political focus is on Eastern Europe where the organisation works with local partners. CDN also collaborates with organisations and activists from the rest of Europe who want to support a Green Eastern Europe. CDN work is committed to upholding and fostering the values of the Green movement: gender equality, youth active participation in democracy, environmental protection. More elaboration on Green values is written at CDNs platform.



Eaarth: Making a Life on a Tough New Planet is a book written by Bill McKibben, published by Henry Holt and Company in 2010. In the opening chapter, McKibben presents an array of facts and statistics about climate change that are already visible, supported by extensive footnotes. In the second and third chapters, McKibben lays out his analysis of how we have arrived at the current situation, and conveys genuine sorrow as he explains how the drive for economic growth based on hydrocarbons since the 1970s has led the planet to the point of breakdown. In a review of the book, British economist Nicholas Stern suggests that there is no doubting McKibben’s sincerity and his ability to communicate the significant risks which humanity faces. According to Stern, his "overall thesis that we are already seeing widespread effects of climate change is sound and supported by much robust scientific evidence". But Stern says McKibben is too pessimistic when it comes to the recent advances in avoiding even bigger changes to the climate by reducing emissions of greenhouse gases.


Fundi (politics)

Fundis is short for fundamentalists. The term was used for a faction within the German Green Party. The faction was formed in conflict to the Realo -faction within their party. The term has also been applied to similar conflicts.



The is a generic Top Level Domain. The Internet Corporation of Assigned Names and Numbers delegated extension to the Domain Name System on June 19, 2014. gTLD is used by individuals, communities, industries and environmental organizations showcasing their position in the green websites support the spread of green awareness and information around the world. TLD and those who use it promote the green economy, innovation and conservation. The organization donates a percentage of all sales and renewals domain names to The DotGreen Foundation for the purpose of funding environmental sustainability projects for organizations worldwide.


Green affordable housing

Green affordable housing is reasonably priced housing that incorporates sustainable features. The phenomenon has become increasingly common in the United States with the adoption of state and local policies that favor or require green building practices for publicly owned or funded buildings. Potential benefits of green affordable housing include lower energy cost burden and improved health. One challenge to green affordable housing is the tendency to overlook long-term benefits in the face of higher upfront cost. The challenge for green housing advocates is to see to the life cycle cost of the building. Many affordable housing projects already find it a challenge to raise capital to finance basic affordable housing. Green affordable housing has taken form in traditionally wooden homes and most recently with upcycling shipping containers.

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